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The Larsens

Mr + Mrs Larsen | 07.29.23 | and together they’ll keep on flying ✈︎

// a teacher. a pilot. a dog named charlie. a morning rain + sign of good luck. a fresh bouquet of flowers. a cubs/cardinals rivalry. a type a personality. a type “I’ll take care of it for you honey” personality. shades of dusty blues and kicking off the dancing shoes.

I first met Mallory at her sisters house to get ready. While she travels a lot for work, if there’s one thing about her, she’s got it all put together. Of course, having three loving older sisters & her mother certainly helped.

Every dress was hung with care & a personalized hanger. The backdrop was set up & prepared. The bus was stocked for our afternoon journey.

After we finished up our details & getting ready, it was time to head to Elmwood Park. Where the couple would wed in the hot summer sun at 2pm.

The location felt like a hidden garden amongst the park. Gorgeous green trees like the pathways & added a touch of romance.

The ceremony was short + sweet and truthfully, just cut to the chase. But was lightly full of tears & laughter.

“The appropriate answer is to just say “I do” per their friend & officiant.

As the couple gave their last kiss in the middle of the aisle, the bride lifted up her arm with her flowers… directly covering my shot.

Without a moments hesitation, Andrew grabbed her arm and casually brought it down to her side.

And that’s when I realized who else had it all put together.

You see, all those times when Mallory couldn’t make it to the cake or food tasting or needed help; Andrew stepped in. To make sure his bride had exactly what she wanted. 🥹

Eventually, we made our way to the bus.

And it was time for some light hearted fun. We found our way to Billy Frogs, a spot went on their very first date. And made our way back to the bus through the Old Market.

At last it was time for the grand finale.

Their bridal entrance at the @theomarbuilding to the song “Summer” by Calvin Harris with music by DJToneDef with @imageentertainmentomaha

A delicious meal by @attitudeonfood (and can we talk about that amazing cake?) with a whole lot more dancing.

Congratulations you perfect two. 💍


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