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Film Boudoir Photography

planning for a
boudoir photoshoot.

phase one.

yay! you booked your boudoir photoshoot.
now what?

The good news, the hardest part of this is all over!  All of that stress and self doubt you were putting on yourself, wondering if it was time to book or how long you should wait.  "Am I ready? I feel like I'm ready. I feel like it's what I need to feel empowered and confident again."  

Well guess what? You ARE ready. You should have received an invoice with a request for a deposit to secure your session date, an appointment you can save directly to your phone and contract. Once all those things are complete, it's time to begin planning the fun stuff!

Not booked yet? Click here and send an email to chat!

nebraska boudoir photographer

Book a Boudoir Shoot

let's chat and curate a photoshoot that makes you feel your most empowered self.

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we'll be chatting soon! xx

phase 2

Once you have your date and collection picked out, the rest is just fun from here!

Of course I love being the creative, but I also want you to have a personalized experience.  So when you have a chance, look up some inspo or chat with some friends who've done boudoir, and send it my way! That way I can mesh all of our ideas together.  

Then take time and ask yourself, "What does my dream boudoir session look like?"

PS: You can never be too much, too extra or too risky.  This is a safe place.  I'm here to provide guidance and comfort throughout the process so you can connect to your sensual side, without even realizing it!

Gathering this inspiration will help me decide the aesthetic.  Do we want it indoor, outdoor or a mix of both?  The time of year can drastically change it if outdoors. 
Heck even sunrise and sunset makes a big difference! 

If you're getting married and this is a bridal boudoir session, I recommend our shoot
take place at least 1-1/2 months prior to your wedding date. That gives us plenty of time for edits, printing and close enough if you're on a fitness/nutrition plan and seeking the best results.


"Hey Alyssa! here's my inspo
for our photoshoot!" 

phase 3
Once we have the location determined and your inspo set, we can begin deciding on what to wear.  This process can take months to decide but be sure to purchase your items with plenty of time before your photoshoot. There's nothing worse than it getting delayed and not having your dream outfit for the shoot!  And you'll be so stressed out if you wait until the day before to run to Victoria's Secret, Adam & Eve or Romantic.  (For the record, you can find some great lingerie at those stores:))

Every client is unique and I want your photoshoot to showcase all of you. So don't be afraid to be bold if that's your style.  (PS: I even have a secret SM, black leather harness kit if you're really into that thing. Like I said, this is a safe space.)

For Bridal Boudoir, I typically suggest planning three outfits. If you'd like a classic ivory/white/bridal piece, then I would suggest adding one spicy like a bold red, vibrant blue or emerald green.  I definitely recommend checking out your seasonal colors for guidance. Check out this link below for help! It's free!

And then I personally love a sexy black piece. It's classic, it's timeless and is there anyone on earth who doesn't look fire in black lingerie?  But seriously, you pick out what makes you feel your most fabulous. These are only suggestions!

For Couples Boudoir/Steamy Sessions, I love to keep have these really emphasize the passion and intensity you feel with on another.  It's foreplay, it's romantic, it's HOT.  For guys, I love when they rock boxers and a pair of jeans no shirt.  And have their girl in a piece of lingerie or their button up.  Put them in a setting that feels like home, maybe in a kitchen on the counter or cozied on the sofa - and it always makes this photos so authentic and raw.  Or create a playful setting like in the summer, on a picnic, under a tree, a sundress and trust me, the rest is magic.

Other suggestions: I personally love 3 piece garters.  For ALL body types.  You don't have to buy the stockings but it's fun for a few shots.  If you're self conscious about your tummy area, you'll love how the mid section piece delicately wraps around your waist.

 Last but note least - pick out pieces that make you feel comfortable, confident and try them on before your photoshoot.  Boudoir shoots are basically a light cardio and an ab class at times (it's true!), so if you aren't comfortable in it, you might not love the way it fits your body in photos. 

You don't have to have shoes, but I do think a sexy stiletto can create some empowering shots. If you're short like me, I love a stiletto to lengthen my legs!

You can be as modest, risky or expressive with your personality as you want.  This is a judgment free zone.

My suggestions aside, you do what makes you feel best.
I'm here for all of it.

phase 4

1-2 months before.
you have so many ideas 
running through your head now huh? okay, let's go shop. I LOVE this part. 


Budget Friendly Boudoir

I love shopping on Shein, Amazon or FashionNova for some steals on sexy lingerie.  I always check the reviews and pick items that are delivered on Prime, and rarely have ever had issues with quality. 


Investment Pieces

Why not invest in some pieces that are dream worthy?  Honey Birdette, Blue Bella and Agent Provocateur are gorgeous. And meant to be captured. 

bridal boudoir nebraska_edited.png

phase 5

Hair appointments:

If you're wanting to do something completely different, I highly recommend trying it out first and then giving yourself a full 6-8 weeks to decide if that's for sure what you want.

Then book your next hair appointment about a wee
k out from your session.


phase 6

3-5 Days Prior

1. Wax or shave and moisturize.

2. Avoid dark spray tans and tanning lotions. Pick a tone that's more even with your skin so you can avoid having an orange glow. 

3. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin.

4. Remove all price and sizing tags from lingerie. Even the permanent ones.

5. Choose your final 2-3 outfits.

6.  Treat yourself to a mani/pedi. 

7. Avoid/limit foods that cause bloating - gum, carbonated drinks, wheat, broccoli, dairy, sugar alcohols, beer.

8.  If you haven't used a gha she tool or dry brush, I highly recommend.  They are both staples in my daily routine to reduce bloating, increase energy and reduce cellulite.  

phase 7

Night Before Boudoir Bag Checklist

1. 2-3 Outfits + a Few Extras

2. Accessories

Less is more! Unless you want to be dazzling head to town in pearls and turquoise (I'm here for it) Simple jewelry, knee-high socks, oversized sweaters, button-down shirt, veil, robe, + any additional accessories you may like will make for great accessories!

3. Lotion

Bring your favorite lotion to moisturize throughout your shoot. You'll love the extra glow!

4. Water + Light Snacks 

If you choose to be pampered with hair and makeup, you might end up finding yourself a little hungry. Feel welcome to bring a granola bar or some fruit to carry you over. I 'll provide water, but bring your own if desired.  Liquid encouragement is always okay!

5. Rest. 

I love to put some lavender on my pillow, take magnesium and pour a cup of lemon water/tea before bed.  

phase 8.
it's photoshoot day!

Good morning beautiful! I hope you feel rested and ready for a day 
that is all about you! Make yourself some tea, drink some water and after a long shower, look in the mirror and tell yourself some affirmations. Even if you're doing this photoshoot as a gift for someone, remember - it's a gift for you too! This is beautiful collection of this season you are in.  A season worth embracing, remembering and loving.  

I'll see you soon! xx

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