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Summer Photography

I don't know who needs to hear this but tomatoes and salt, is a lunch meal in itself.



How wonderful does it feel to say today is the first day of S U M M E R?

With so many sunny days (ERR... SWAMPY) days lately, it's truly felt like summertime. But. knowing it's official, just makes it that more sweet.

As someone who is based out of working from their home, my schedule doesn't look exactly like it might for others. I have hectic weekends and my relaxed days mean I'm still cuddled up with a computer in lap.

But it also means I enjoy the early mornings a little extra, take breaks in the afternoon and shut down early to enjoy unsolicited time.

In my world, wedding season is off to a flying start and that means editing season is too. So fresh air breaks are good for the soul and easing the tension on the eyes.

Despite how much I love getting outside to enjoy the sunshine, being tucked in the AC sure feels heavenly lately.

If you didn't know already, I live in the country outside of the Lincoln area and have two Australian Shepherds. One being a 10 month old, named Chief. Now don't get me wrong, Chief is an absolute handful but he's also a wonderful mix of pure happiness rolled into his little furry body. He makes everything a little sillier.

Here's my attempt at watering the garden earlier.

Aside from work, I like to set some goals for myself. Resetting intentions, being mindful and practicing a health lifestyle helps me stay on the ball with juggling the matters of life.

Shooting outside in the summer means I have to be in good shape in order to perform at my highest ability. I workout often, take care of myself with good nutritional habits and place mental health on a pedestal.


Here's a little list of things I'm hoping and looking forward to this summer:

- swimming under the stars

- laughs + bonfires

- a summer roadtrip

- watching more sunsets than netflix

- picking fresh tomatoes from the garden

- making homemade ice cream

- staying up too late with friends because the laughter feels so good

- live music and outdoor concerts

- smores

- having a picnic

- learning to paddleboard

- spending the day on the lake

- visiting a national park

- go to a drive in movie theater

- try a new fav recipe

- catching fireflies

- attend a baseball game

- going camping

- walking in the water beneath a waterfall

- doing yoga + pilates in the sunshine

- eating an ice cream cone

- buying a pair of roller-skates

- making the perfect summer playlist

- conquering a fear

- watching fireworks

- sticking to a fitness routine

- going to the state fair and eating a corn dog

- backyard bbq

- going mini golf

- reading a book outside

- watching my plants grow

- taking a scenic drive

Happy First Day of Summer in Nebraska

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