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It's hard to fathom that it has been five months since the doors to Cedar + Sage Studio. When the vision for this space first danced in my head, I couldn't wait to bring guests into the door. Opening this space would mean filling both of my cups. As a photographer, having a warm space to bring my clients indoors during the cold winter months of Nebraska would be beneficial in itself. Especially for newborn, family and boudoir sessions in particular. But then I began to think how much I've always loved hosting events.

If you've ever been to my home, I imagine you'd notice quite easily how much I enjoy hosting. It's all about the ambiance! No matter if its' Thanksgiving dinner, preparing for dinner or just a girls night in. First, the right music must play. If it's planning dinner, I turn on my 'Wine + Dine" Spotify playlist and dance in the kitchen humming Van Morrison and Dean Martin. If it's my folks over for dinner, I turn on the jazz or maybe even some classic rock for after dinner drinks. I light some delicious smelling candles. I decorate for the seasons to the nines. It's like therapy.

Why are all of this details so important to me?

Ever since I was a little girl, I watched my Mother do this exact same thing for every occasion she hosted. I loved watching the joy that danced on her face as she found such delight in those little details, knowing her guests were at peace and comfort once they entered our home. And it's with all this in combination, that I wanted to bring the same type of enjoyment to hosting small events in this studio.


With any new business venture, it requires an awful lot of perseverance and faith. The construction of the space certainly went quick things to my family for helping me. But I'd be lying if I said this wasn't a big feat to take on.

For someone who can be quite particular about aesthetic, it meant a lot to me that this space would resemble the vision in my dreams. A swanky, 1920s historic building filled with natural elements, character and ambiance. New York/Paris cafe meets refined boho classic. Black modern features with warm, cozy and earthy touches. And of course, a large white wall with 12 foot ceilings for just the right bounce on gloomy days.


I began to imagine that the combination of my enjoyment for hosting events, decorating and design could also transition with having the space be an event space. Perhaps for baby showers or bridal showers. Or maybe even for graduations.

Or maybe we can host seasonal makers markets for local businesses? How fun would it be to host a space where I could also bring in some of my favorite local brands by providing a brick and mortar and encouraging others to shop small?

Or maybe we just could host some fun events. Where we could learn. Make new friends. Begin and build networking groups. Maybe there's some Moms in the area who just need a break to get out of the house and would want to try something new. The possibilities are endless.


When Heather Howard joined Cedar + Sage Studio as a regular member, I soon realized her talents are far beyond just her photography (Green Truck Photography).

This is the girl that posts to Pinterest and turns it into real life! And lord, does she make it look beautiful.

Heather and I got to chatting one day about hosting a girls night in. After learning we both had a mutual enjoyment for spirituality, we decided it would be fun to host a Sip + Smudge class. As we began to work out the details, I became fascinated in hearing all of Heather's unique talents that she would bring to the event.

I was fascinated to learn that not only was she going to educate our guests on how to make a sage bundle that would compliment their energies, but that she would go out and personally gather the materials herself.

Like, she went out in nature.

What a foreign concept for some of us Amazon and Etsy purchasers right?

So Heather, the whimsical inner witchy woman she is, went out and gathered sage, marigold, pine, and eucalyptus to make the sage bundles. She also created a beautiful charcuterie board spread for our guests to munch on. And organized many details of our event.

Heather brought in her good friend Linda Potter of Young Living to talk about Essential Oils. Which fit the class beautifully. After creating their sage bundles, our guests then visited Linda who would carefully guide each of our guests into the wonderful world of essential oils. A fascinating topic that we soon learned was very beneficial for our guests to ask their questions in person.

Linda then helped our guests select which oils fit what energy they too wanted to bring into the world, and showed them how to prepare a roller for them to take home.

I decided I wanted a blend for anxiety. A blend I could smell and would quickly relax, feel calmer and regain a sense of clarity.

I selected Patchouli first. Known for relieving depression, providing relaxation and ease; this oil is one of my absolute favorites. One faint sniff and I can enter a new world.

With Linda's help, she confirmed an orange complimented the Patchouli well. Adding a slight touch of sweet. And Frankincense to promote peace and overall wellness.

I placed a label on the roller and have enjoyed it every day since.

I made a fresh match of Spiked Hot Apple Cider that day, so the aroma of the studio was fragrant and inviting. As our guests continued to visit and get to know one another while dressed to the nine's in their costumes, we played Practical Magic and Hocus Pocus on the screen projector and cozied up on the beds, sofas and bed fort.

All in all, it was a wonderful girls night in at the studio and it only had us more excited to host more future events!

We can hardly wait until the next already!! Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming Holiday Makers Market on Saturday November 27th from 930-130pm!




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