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Love is as Good as Gold

Nebraska Couples Engagement Photography Session

Love is more precious than gold.

Last nights engagement session was dreamy. Dreamy.

Photographers - you know those sessions when you leave and just feel a renewed sense of purpose?

That's what this one was like.


I've never met Morgan or Andy before, but after our first initial phone call consultation and booking their wedding, I knew they were a couple I would soon adore. The majority of my wedding packages includes a complimentary engagement session so we scheduled their engagement session for this most recent Friday night.

As fate would have it, the winds were disastrous. I quickly messaged Morgan on Friday and asked if she would be more comfortable with pushing her session back a few days to which she agreed. NO one wants a session with crazy wind blown hair at 45mph. A light breeze for a tossed wind look, yes. Those winds, no way.

Since we've never met but have remained connected on social media, I think we were both curious how our personalities would mesh. Engagement sessions are a perfect opportunity to get to know one another a little more. For my clients to see what my shooting style is like and just to talking wedding, life and everything about them.

Morgan is graduating from the University of Nebraska with a degree in Secondary education this semester, so she asked if we could do a little mash up of both. We added a quick Mini session on top of her package, so she could get a variety of photos on campus of her Senior graduation. And would plan her engagement session to fall immediately after.

Meaning her sweet fiancé would be gracious enough to be on standby to help us when it was "Hey can you grab the gown? Hey can you take the gown? Hey can we have the hat? ..." You're getting the point.

As expected, Morgan was a natural beauty. Her darling black and sparkly dress popped with her Nebraska Huskers red sash and perfectly matched heels.

Nebraska Huskers Senior Graduation

It should first be noted, these two gorgeous souls, Andy & Morgan, have been together since high school. Lincoln Northstar in fact. Andy pulled out his camera and suggested we recreate their High School Senior Graduation photo. Since it was a little crowded on campus with other senior graduation photo sessions transpiring, we walked along until we found a good spot. With the beautiful lilac bushes blooming and ever so fragrant, this gorgeous building was the perfect spot. Check out the architecture! Of course students were going in and out, but it worked out perfect.

Nebraska Couples Engagement Photography at University of Nebraska Lincoln

And just before finishing, we had once last hoorah of Morgan popping her first champagne bottle... bursting with full laughter.

Nebraska Huskers Senior Graduation

I checked my time and noticed it was nearly 7pm, which meant it was time to head to our next location. Morgan, the country girl she is, changed in her honeys' truck and the two met me on location. “We’ve got some beer we brought along to shot gun, is that okay?”

I AM instantly already adoring this couple even more…

Couples holding hands

With 45-50 min on the clock, we breezed through some guided posing that would bring out authentic, raw and emotional moments between the two. I had some ideas saved that I used for reference. While it's not necessary "posey," it's important with engagement sessions to make sure you capture those forward facing camera shots that each of their families will like. And then, it's all about emotion.

We started off on the trailhead and had fun with Morgan holding Andy's hand and giving him a tug, like she's pulling him along to the altar. Of course, Andy looked it her with full adoration and warmth. I had a couple unique shots I wanted to grab, so I asked them to remain in the moment and walked around them both while I clicked. If you follow me on socials, you'll hear in the background of the videos "CLICK CLICK CLICK". There's no way I wasn't going to crank up the High Speed Continuous to capture every single second of this session.

Okay, that was good. Let's head to another spot. Our next location was still an open meadow, but gave us a little more room to lay down on the ground (warning - the ticks are out again!) and capture the two embracing one another as if they were watching the sunset to prepare from star gazing.

Couples embracing

As we proceeded through our session, I asked them little questions that helped me get to know them more. While I could have sent an interview pdf, sometimes it's just easier to ask questions in person and hear them in person.

Me: "What kind of music do you guys like?"

Andy: "We are really into country more lately."

Me: "Oh perfect, what's your guys' song?"

Morgan, looking at Andy in adoration: "Chris Stapleton, Joy of my Life."

Me: "I love that! I'll turn on some country for us."

Couples sharing Spiderman kiss

I love music, always have! And I love a wide variety of it. I often create playlists on my Spotify for settings just like this so I have a little background music to help set the scene. I put together a playlist about a year ago that I add to every now and then that's called "Country Kind of Love." It's perfect for the country and western couple, full of 90s classics that will make you fall in love on the bar stool next to the jukebox all over again.


You can find it here!

Since the greens were finally popping, it was time to head to our last spot. An open area with the sun still just above horizon.

"So who's the better cook?"

Morgan, instantly. "Him!"

"What's your favorite meal that Andy prepares?"

"Oh gosh, everything. He's so good at it, I just leave him up to it."
Note this men. We LOVE men who are great at cooking!

Couples kissing each other outside

It was time to shot gun the beers. And most importantly, Morgan's first time shotgunning a FULL beer. Let me tell you how proud Andy looked at her for this.

Couples shotgunning beers

Couples drinking beer

Drunk couples in love

I asked if the two swing danced and Andy told me Morgan did but he was learning.

I'm loving this girl. I grew up swing dancing! Every Sunday evening I spent at Plamor Ballroom dancing. From line dances to swinging with every single man my aunt introduced me to, to flips and twirls in the air -- man could I fly. Well, until that one time a guy dropped me on my back.... anyways...

So I let them practice a few swings and then showed them "how to dip." I wanted to create a photo we could mimic on their wedding day, and a dip is a classic. Now, a dip might sound easy but there's a few things involved. She's got to kick her foot out just right, and point her toes. He's got to place his hand on the middle of her back and hold her other hand while guiding her toward the ground. They can't look at me, they just have to gaze upon another. One, two, three, kiss, hold --- SNAP SNAP SNAP.

Nebraska Photography Session of Couples Dancing

We figured we caught everything we needed and would wrap it up. As we were heading back to the vehicle, Morgan asked if we could do one more photo. Sitting in the back of the truck with the sunset behind her.

How did I completely forget I've been wanting this shot for some time?

"Of course we can!" I eagerly stated.

Couples kissing and embracing

Andy pulled the truck around and backed up, so the two could sit on the bed of the pickup. Without meaning to, I accidentally increased my F-stop to about 5 and aperture to 5000, when I looked at my viewfinder. Holy moly, there was the silhouette shot I had been wanting to create for ages.

"Would you guys mind sitting of the roof of the cab?"


And just as the two embraced, looking into one another's eyes, the sun set amongst the horizon right before them.

Oh I can’t wait to share your wedding day with you — Morgan + Andy. 💍
Silhouette photos of couples

Silhouette photos of couple on pickup in Nebraska


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