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Misty Mountain Mornings and the Open Road.

The best thing about rock bottom is the rock part. You discover a solid bit about you. That can't be broken down further. The thing you might sentimentally call a soul. At our lowest we find solid ground of our foundation. And we can build ourselves anew.

// matt z haig

I've thought about feeds a lot lately. How our aesthetic, our captions, our imagery all begins this concept of depicting who we are. I began archiving most of the posts on my personal page. It's a silly concept, but truthfully I didn't see a long lasting impression being made with those images. What purpose do they hold? Are they creating emotion? Are they increasing someone's intellect? Are they creating a healthy impression?

Why do we hold onto things like this? As much as I can be resistant to change, I thrive in change. It's in those times I feeling the nitty gritty, the dark lows, and the rock bottom -- that I'm forced to begin those transitions into change.

Nothing is permanent. There's the inevitable in life of course. Our fate, our destiny. But even in the lowest, we can't stay there.

Next time you begin to fall, remind yourself "I can't stay here."

"I can't live here."

Then shift.

We don't want to think of what would happen should our souls depart from the earth. But if I were to how do I want to be remembered?

I want my feed to be aligned with what my soul speaks of. What fuels it's passion. I want the authenticity to be there. These aren't just images to capture others attention, they are want capture my souls' attention.

Why does my website, bio and everything insist to my clients that "we should go on adventures?"

I don't use this term for marketing myself as a photographer. It's authentically who I am.

My wanderlust nature has been in existence ever since I took my first breath. Adventures are what feed my soul. They're the fuel to my creative energy. Whether it's booking a flight, jumping in the car for a weekend get away, or soaking in the night air in my backyard. With every adventure, I feel lifted, re-energized and alive.

Finding the adventure in day to day life is what I live for. It's when my heart sings the loudest.

There's so much world out there to see. To live for. To experience. To thrive in.

If you're feeling in rock bottom, if you're feeling stuck -- just remind yourself, "I can't live here."

Set off on the path that challenges you. And when you're energy begins to plummet, shift again.

Don't just exist --- live.

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