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Visit Missouri

a mind stretched by new experiences — can never go back to its old dimensions.

Travel and Visit Missouri, Midwest Photographer

—- If you’ve ever driven through the backroads of Missouri, you’re well acquainted with its rolling hills, sharp turns & lush forestry that covers nearly one-third of the state. If popular touristy locations hold your interest, you’ve likely skipped over the idea of vacationing here. And will be taken by surprise with its beauty.

Personally, I was ignorantly under the impression that it was trailer park city until I began no longer taking the interstate and regularly visiting over 9 years ago. Given, I’m certain most outsiders of Nebraska assume I was born in a barn, and on somedays, it might fair like I really was.

As a gateway to the Midwest, you’ll discover not only it’s mighty rivers, home of ice cream cones and sliced bread, fantastic bbq and places full of history. But a place that just feels like home.

I love being able to call this place a second home.

As much as my heart lives at the lake, I’ve truly enjoyed taking day trips on backroads and discovering more beyond.

So this is my summer wish to you. Travel. Learn. Explore. Seek. Discover. And take the backroad.


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