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I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." - L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

The Bostons // Lincoln, NE

What a beautiful weekend of kicking of fall sessions. The leaves were just beginning to transition to their golden and auburn tones, the air felt crisp and cool allowing us to comfortably dress in sweaters and boots, and the skies complement the neutral tones. I crave this time of year. Every element of it. Even when the sky fades into it's pale gray violet undertones or gray blue, the intense foliage colors create such a sunny, happy mood.

How do you dress for fall sessions?

I know immediately we want to dress in bold and saturated colors, but unfortunately you can easily end up blending in with the fall foilage. Think muted colors and tones instead. For your crew, take that initial muted color and find a variety of textures and blends of it. Maybe it's a mustard or olive green. Either way, remember that less is more. Don't be afraid to dress in solids. Avoid trendy clothing that has phrases and identifies its time and stick to some classic and timeless collection pieces. Take time into planning your wardrobe. Your outfits speak of who you are and can change the photo dramatically to capture the vision you've visually created.

The Schunk Crew // Mahoney State Park

Have an idea in mind but not sure how to create it?

As a visual creator, this is my key role through our sessions. I want to create photos you want. So if there's an idea, a pose, a crazy concept you've long been wanting to try - just tell me. I'll help you figure out all the in's and out's - so we can create the masterpiece you've been wanting. Even if it's an image you found on pinterest or a photo I've shared that you want something similar too. I can't read your mind. So be sure to tell me all the details so I can make this collection of images be about you.

How do I find the right location?

While hopping on a plane and heading to Vermont would be a dream, it's not exactly practical. There are so many cool locations to go to throughout Nebraska that we typically tend to forget exist. Gorgeous hiking trails, scenic overlooks, and open meadows. With it being a busy season for photographers, many of the hot spots become oversaturated and you can end up having someone else in your photo in the backdrop.

Sometimes the best place you can go is your front porch or backyard. I think of photos as an intimate connection with you. What place brings you the most fulfillment?

For me, it's home.

There's nothing in the world as peaceful then sitting on my front porch, wanting the sunset over the horizon. It's where I take a majority of my family photos and even many of yours.

The Wrights // Their home.

I was lucky enough to capture this crew over the past Spring and I'm so grateful they asked me to be their photographer again this fall. After much debate of "go here, go there" we decided why not just go to their home? Their neighbors have a beautiful red barn, there's a gorgeous driveway with leaves lined up along the white fencing, and her front porch was decorated perfectly. I love how these photos just feel like home.

The Vogt Twins // My home and our farm truck

What's the story about your farm truck?

The 1980s farm truck has been a prized possession with my fiances' family for many, many years. To be part of the Wallace family means to understand how much their name means to them and I'm so proud to be a part of this. In fact, many of the "props" you'll find at our home have come from John's great uncle Gaylord Wallace and his wife, Alta Wallace's ranch in Burwell, Nebraska. A place that is very special in John's upbringing.

I so enjoy hearing the stories of Gaylord, who gave so much to his community.

One of my favorite stories that John's Aunt Marilyn shared with us was when Gaylord had an accident and was in therapy to seek care. After much frustration Gaylord explained to the nurses that he needed to get home to take care of the ranch. The nurses played off his frustrates as being slightly delusional as Gaylord was well in his 90s and couldn't possibly being tending a ranch. The nurses informed John that Gaylord may have been struggling with some dementia and kept talking about the "ranch he needed to get home to." John politely let the nurses know there wasn't any dementia or delusional state of mind transpiring here. At 94 years old, Gaylord still was driving around in his truck and taking care of the family ranch. It's my understanding, the hardest day Gaylord had was the day they took his license away.

There was one thing John really wanted from the family ranch and it was that rusted 1980s farm truck named "Old Brown."

Here's a fun read of them:

The Plugge Family // Their family pasture

Winter Is Coming.

We all know winter is well on it's way which means it's time to prepare what you want your Christmas cards to look like. And that means you need to decide the perfect setting, your dress attire and get your holiday photoshoots on the books.

I'm offering a variety of settings for my clients as I know so many of you take interest in different things.

After November 8th, I'll be decorating the studio for the holidays. A large 10 foot tree will come in, a green velvet sofa and all the natural alpine and fir tree aesthetic. Cedar and Sage Studio is such a warm and inviting space already, with it's exposed red brick and wood floors creating natural elements. I can't wait to host our first Christmas in the studio.

Stay tuned for November 27th, or Small Business Saturday as many of you may know. As we'll be hosting a Holiday Makers Market with local vendors and a fun event for the community.


The Christmas Farm Truck will be set up between December 1st-4th. Photos will be sent to you by December 5th to insure you have

a enough time to prepare cards, get them printed, sent back to you and delivered to your friends and family in enough time.

Between the glow of the Christmas lights, the snow covering the evergreen trees and sipping hot cocoa with your loved ones - your heart is sure to be full of all things merry.

20 minute sessions. 20 digital images + online gallery. 1 location + 1 outfit. $185

*payment due in full at booking*

Christmas at the Tree Farm

Let's dress in our best lumberjack outfits and head out to the tree farm. This full one hour session will capture you candidly and authentically enjoying a fun day out with your crew. 35 digital images + digital gallery. $225 + tax.

Set aside the dates Sunday November 14th and Saturday December 4th for this session in mind.

Oh Santa Baby - Boudoir Session

December 1st - 4th

A sexy little boudoir shoot - outside? Oh yes. Just after a beautiful snowfall, you'll find the cattle tank (yes it's only used for this) nestled against the pine trees next to the pond. Be ready to have a hot bath drawn for you while enjoying a relaxing and sexy photoshoot that's sure to be the best wrapped gift under the tree this year. 35 digital images + online gallery. $250

Additional dates available.

Please email

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