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How to Redefine and Discover Your Word for 2022.

Have you ever picked a "Word of the Year" or "Phrase of the Year?"

Photo by Hallie Jean Co. Photography

Finding a word of the year is significantly different than setting New Years Resolutions. And it's not a one-size-fits-all either.

It's about finding a word that connects all of your goals and intentions. It's about reflecting on the areas of your life that could use some refinement. It's about finding meaning amongst the chaos.

With each new year, there's a promise of new possibilities. A chance to welcome in fresh starts. An inner drive to push out of your comfort zone and begin a fearless pursuit into your goals.

Several years ago, I began ditching the New Years resolutions that were leaving me defeated by January 31st and in favor selected a Word of the Year. Don't get me wrong, New Years Resolutions great. But if you aren't fully committing to all of them, it can become overwhelming. Creating structure and revising your routine takes time. And it certainly doesn't happen over night.

But with a word of the year, it feels more whole. It's more likely the habits I create become a part of my lifestyle. The word can help revolutionize my entire thought process. It helps me embody how I want to go about my next year, whether it be through business, relationships or anything in life.

If you're completely new to finding your word of the year, sometimes it helps to start with a couple phrases. Maybe a quote that seems to resonate with you and keep your mind ticking. If there's one that pops in your mind, than grab a notebook and write it out before you read the rest of the blog. And prepare to visualize your intentions for 2022.

A few years ago, I selected the word "Build." Although I didn't know it at first, build would soon lead to the complete structure and development of a new business. Simply put, I manifested the word into the universe and it brought it's own reward.

Last year, I selected the word "Purpose." Interesting enough, I did discover more inner workings into my purpose, but it wasn't quite as I thought. Purpose lead me on a path to four on self healing and cleansing. I began a process of elimination and discovery for happiness and inner solitude within. I found comfort in the content. And it helped me through business as well. With business, the word helped be become more mindful of my time, while identifying the parts of my business structure that aligned with my goals. Plus, it helped ignited my passions.

As I head into 2022, I've began the process of how I can restructure my business as well intertwining those habits into my personal life. And with this process, it means asking the tough questions. What's working? What isn't? How can I be more mindful of my time? How can I be more present? How can I be more efficient? What can I eliminate? What parts of my business are thriving the best? Where are my strengths? Where are my weakness? What's inspiring me?

In photography, I want to magnify my strengths. I anticipate focusing more of my work on weddings, travel and elopement. As they are what drive my fire. With opening my studio, I've found myself growing in areas such as boudoir and newborn photography. And it's been a fulfilling fit.

So how can you discover your word of the year?

  1. Reflect. Ask the questions that fall beneath your surface layer. What could you really use more of in life? What makes you feel happiest? Lightest? What could you use less of? How you want to feel?

  2. Visualize. What would a perfect day look like? Does it include a morning routine? Is there a way you'd feel throughout the day and as you head to sleep? A great way to answer this question, is through taking moments to meditate first.

  3. What areas of your life could use some refinement? Where do you want to improve? What do you want to become better at? Are you seeking freedom in some spaces more than others? Is there a fear you are holding on to and want to get rid of?

  4. Review some words and pick five that stand out to you. Below I've included a list for you!

So here' s list of words I've put together, A-Z. Which one aligns best with you?

  1. Abundance

  2. Accept

  3. Action

  4. Add

  5. Advance

  6. Adventure

  7. Align

  8. Allow

  9. Ambition

  10. Anchor

  11. Appreciate

  12. Authentic

  13. Awake

  14. Balance

  15. Be

  16. Become

  17. Begin

  18. Believe

  19. Best

  20. Bloom

  21. Bold

  22. Boundaries

  23. Breathe

  24. Build

  25. Calm

  26. Celebrate

  27. Centered

  28. Challenge

  29. Change

  30. Clear

  31. Comfort

  32. Commit

  33. Communicate

  34. Compassionate

  35. Compose

  36. Connect

  37. Conscious

  38. Considerate

  39. Courage

  40. Create

  41. Cultivate

  42. Daring

  43. Declutter

  44. Decrease

  45. Deliberate

  46. Depth

  47. Devote

  48. Diligence

  49. Direction

  50. Discipline

  51. Ease

  52. Elevate

  53. Embody

  54. Embrace

  55. Emerge

  56. Empower

  57. Energize

  58. Escalate

  59. Excellence

  60. Expand

  61. Explore

  62. Express

  63. Faith

  64. Fast

  65. Fearless

  66. Finish

  67. Flourish

  68. Fly

  69. Focus

  70. Forgive

  71. Forward

  72. Foster

  73. Foundation

  74. Free

  75. Fulfilling

  76. Generous

  77. Gentle

  78. Glow

  79. Giving

  80. Go

  81. Grace

  82. Grounded

  83. Grow

  84. Harmony

  85. Heal

  86. Health

  87. Higher

  88. Honest

  89. Hope

  90. Humble

  91. Humility

  92. Hustle

  93. Identify

  94. Ignite

  95. Immerse

  96. Improve

  97. Increase

  98. Indulge

  99. Integrity

  100. Intentional

  101. Intimate

  102. Intuitive

  103. Journey

  104. Joy

  105. Kind

  106. Kindred

  107. Laugh

  108. Lead

  109. Learn

  110. Less

  111. Light

  112. Listen

  113. Light

  114. Love

  115. Magnify

  116. Manifest

  117. Meditate

  118. Mend

  119. Mindful

  120. Motion

  121. Motivate

  122. Move

  123. No

  124. Nourish

  125. Nurture

  126. Opportunity

  127. Organize

  128. Passion

  129. Patient

  130. Pause

  131. Peace

  132. Permission

  133. Persist

  134. Perspective

  135. Playful

  136. Plentiful

  137. Polish

  138. Positive

  139. Power

  140. Purpose

  141. Practice

  142. Pray

  143. Present

  144. Progress

  145. Prosper

  146. Quiet

  147. Radiant

  148. Recovery

  149. Relate

  150. Relationships

  151. Relax

  152. Release

  153. Refine

  154. Represent

  155. Reset

  156. Resolute

  157. Resolve

  158. Respect

  159. Rest

  160. Revive

  161. Rise

  162. Risk

  163. Sacred

  164. Satisfy

  165. Scale

  166. Seek

  167. Self-care

  168. Serenity

  169. Serve

  170. Simplicity

  171. Shift

  172. Slow

  173. Soulful

  174. Space

  175. Sparkle

  176. Spirit

  177. Strength

  178. Strong

  179. Structure

  180. Support

  181. Survive

  182. Teach

  183. Thoughtful

  184. Thrive

  185. Today

  186. Transform

  187. Tranquil

  188. Travel

  189. Treasure

  190. Try

  191. Unique

  192. Unstoppable

  193. Value

  194. Vibrant

  195. Vitality

  196. Vulnerable

  197. Whole

  198. Wonder

  199. Worthy

  200. Wild

  201. Worth

  202. Yes

  203. Zen

  204. Zest

6. Narrow down your list of 5 to 1.

Before you select the final word that will set your intentions into the year of 2022, I ask you first....

Are you only interested or are you committed?

If the word only brings interest or is feels like it's just a word of trend, it's likely you'll find excuses. But if you are committed to the word, you'll let it expand and implement into your life.

This word should bring you fulfillment through multiple faucets of life. Instead of evoking fear, this word should bring you confidence. And mostly importantly, it should help you navigate with comfort and expansion, through the terrains ahead.


Alyssa Herold

Owner of Hallie Jean Co. Photography

Cedar and Sage Studio

Nebraska, US

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