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As we ring in the new year, I've decided on my Word(s) of the Year.

Move and Bloom.

Move: to go in a specified direction or manner; change position.

Professionally, I anticipate this word encouraging me to become more fluid with movement throughout my work. But I see manifesting in a few other ways as well.

To move myself into a new position, or rather a higher tier of photography. Whether it be through incorporating advanced equipment or a new skill set.

To move and expand myself beyond my current creative capabilities.

To move myself outside of the box that I've designed. To push the limits and try the personal projects I've hesitated to begin.

And while you might think of "move" as something that shifts forward with a faster speed, I also want to step back more. To enjoy the awkward silence and observe my clients while allowing myself to become "moved." That's where the beauty and the poetry of my work will blossom and connect.

And then, there comes "Bloom." A word I've carefully selected to carry me through on this journey and navigate through life.

All along, you were blooming.

As I put together my 2021 recap, I felt so much gratitude. Despite there being some rough and yucky terrains of personal loss throughout '21, it was full of unscripted, unfiltered and authentic moments. And I see that through those moments I shared with you in your albums.

Isn't that how your growth years go? Those seasons of growth will crumble you to pieces it feels. You won't even feel like you are growing. You feel powerless. Defeated. Your life feels systematic.

But even when you can't see what's happening before you, you are blossoming into this new version of you.

In 2019, I selected "Build" as my word of the year. And it encouraged me to expand myself into the world of entrepreneurship and work. Purpose in 2020 encouraged me to dive deep through some yuck and discover myself again. It helped me learn my "no." To follow my knowledge. And to let all sides of my personality be as they are.

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