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Raw, authentic, genuine.

Light and airy photography

If I'm being transparent, do you know a label I dislike? Being called a “type of photographer” based on my edits.

You know what I mean. Moody. Light & airy. True to color. Etc.


Because I am capable of capturing images in broad day light & bringing in a light and airy feel.

Because I am capable of shooting flash in a dark setting.

Because I am capable of enhancing vibrant colors to images and remaining true to color.

Because I am capable of editing moody + dramatic, if the album feels like it should fit that aesthetic.

Because I am capable of going back through to tweak my edit when the colors look all wrong.

Because I am capable of giving the photo a little edge, if it looks like it should.

Because I am capable of editing in way that would be vintage, retro + film inspired —- if desired.

Because I am capable of changing my edit based on the seasons and environment.

Because I am capable of changing my location before my session, to alter the style of a session.

Because I am capable of listening to my clients needs, desires and requests prior to their session to create their vision.

Moody and natural aesthetic for landscape photography

Retro aesthetic film photography edit

Retro aesthetic edit on nature landscape

Black and white film edit

University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Moody aesthetic edit

Because if I don’t know, I am entirely capable of watching a tutorial, attending a workshop, learning + creating an edit that would my client would enjoy.

That’s the ability you should judge me by.

Is she willing to learn and grow? Or merely remain complacent in what’s comfortable?


My editing style shouldn’t determine my ability to be a skilled photographer in any capacity.

Because at the end of the day — it’s about the photo that was taken.

It was the BTS.

It was what we shared. How you felt. We’re you comfortable? Did you laugh? Did it feel like a date with your squeeze? Did you enjoy that time chasing around your kids & seeing them giggle? Did you feel beautiful?

A session to me is more than just the return. Of course, that’s the most essential component of your investment. But I truly hope when we depart ways, you remember how you felt. So when you look through your images, you look past the imperfections you find & scrutinize in yourself.

I know you do it.

You might not see yourself the way I do. I see you as beautiful. I see you as someone who wants to capture memories that will forever last a lifetime

And that’s the album I want you to have.

An album of raw, emotional, authentic, genuine + intimate moments.


Alyssa Herold Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Nebraska


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