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Ashland, Nebraska

Ashland, Nebraska Family Photography

We loved with a love, that was more than love. // edgar allan poe 🪴

Modern Family Photography in Nebraska

—- I shared yesterday on my stories that I created a handy guide of locations I tend to love. Did you see it?

There’s so many good places to meet for our sessions. Sometimes it’s in your backyard, in your home, in the city, a park — or in the case, just a small town between us.

This session took place in Ashland, Nebraska — and I’ve of course now added it to my handy guide.

— During our session, Emily told me they were planning Rosies’ first birthday in full 70s groovy style. Which quickly inspired me (yes on the spot - that’s when i do my best work! 😂) to find some locations that had a retro/vintage, clean + warm feel. A cool door, the back alley, a fun coffee shop.

Coffee shop photography in Nebraska

— As we turned around the corner of @farinerbakery to walk through the alley way behind, this solid white wall felt like a good spot. Natural outdoor light shined on us above the trees in the alleyway + I love how natural, modern + clean these just feel. 🌱

Sometimes finding the perfect spot, isn’t even planned.

Childhood Photography

Midwest Family Photography, Young Family

Black and White Family Photoshoot

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