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50 Must Have Wedding Photos for Your Album

Congratulations! You're getting married!

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There are so many factors to consider when preparing for your nuptials, but here's why wedding photography should be considered one of the highest in priorities.

Let's face it, no matter how big or small your wedding is, you will invest quite a lot of money into your special day between the florist, the dinner, invitations and dress. And as breathtaking beautiful as your day will be; the cake will quickly be eaten, the invites will be binned, and your shoes will make their way back into a box.

Wedding photography is about capturing every detail and your wedding photographer should be your best hype girl (or guy). Heck, you'll probably even spend more time with them then your MOH or Best Man! It sounds a little glum, but in perspective, every single emotional moment will include your wedding photographer. Who do you want to share those moments with?

You want someone who makes not only you, but your fiancé comfortable. Who can get you out of your comfort zone. Who can crack a joke and have a blast while paying attention to the details. Who encourages you to relax despite all of your anxieties and takes note of the moments you just need to decompress. You should feel comfortable texting or calling them, sending a list of photos you desire and remain in healthy communication.

And just before your day arrives and the panic of "Did I forget to do this?" sets in, you'll remember every single shot you want taken for your wedding photography. Will your photographer take a photo of this? What if they forget?

So here's my handy list of 50 must have wedding photos for your wedding album.

1). Bride getting ready. Photography shots of your hair half done and one eyelash on isn't exactly necessary, but the final product of your hair and makeup artists gorgeous work is a special touch to remember.
2). Detailed shots of invitation, shoes, perfume, rings
3) Dress hanging up by itself.
4) Dress with bridesmaid dresses before putting them on
5) Bride putting on her wedding dress. Whether from the help of Mom, Grandma, or your Maid of Honor; this emotional moment is one to cherish.
6) Bride putting on jewelry or shoes. Who said you need your Groom to slip on the shoe? Assign your best friend, sister or aunt for this special shot of you two.
7) Bridesmaids in robes, flannel or whatever cute outfits - just as after hair and makeup done.
8) Bridesmaids and Bride dressed
9) Solo shots of Bride - details of your veil, garter, holding your bouquet
10) Bride with her parents leaving for the ceremony
11) Groom getting ready. Those hands shots of your fiancé putting on his jacket, fixing his cuffs or wiping a tear as he reads your private letter are moments you'll look at again often.
12) Groomsmen getting ready. The jokes, the crack of a beer with his Best Man, the smiles of his proud Dad looking upon him or his son patting his back, are worth every thing.
13) First looks. Don't want a first look with your fiancé? No worries. How about a first look with your Dad, Son, Daughter, Mom or whoever this moment feels right for.
14) Flower girl and Ring bearer. Whether together, or separate. Some precious photos of these two behind the scenes will give you a laugh and smile.
15) Bride and MOH
16) Groom and Best Man
17) Bride and Groom and Best Man/MOH
18) Bride and Best Man
19) Groom and MOH
20) Full wedding party - get a variety! And let some of these be fun and show your crews' real personality!
21) Family photos - so many variations on this one! Be sure to tell your wedding photographer names and titles for them to reference - this will make family photos organized and a breeze!
22) Detailed shots of the ceremony
23) Guests arriving
24) Maid of honor and bridesmaids walking down the aisle
25) Groom waiting for the bride
26) Shot of musicians
27) Bride standing behind the scenes sharing precious moments with her Father
28) A close up shot of bride as she begins walking down the aisle
29) Officiant smiling as he prepares
30) Best man standing next to the Groom, waiting for bride to walk down the aisle
31) Bridesmaids as they wait for bride to walk down the aisle
32) Exchange of father giving daughter away, shot of Mom smiling from her seat
33) Shot of Dad as he sits down next to Mom
34) Groom grabbing his Bride's arm to take a step forward in position to officiant
35) Close up shot of couple joined hands
36) Couple's first kiss

37) Throwing of confetti and rose petals as the newlyweds go out of the ceremony site

38) The newlyweds getting in the car

39) Party bus and laughter between. Sunset photos with bridal party and individual

40) Sunset photos with Bride and Groom

41) Bride and Groom Entrance. It's time to get the party started! Back a grand entrance. Stop and pose mid way for a dip and let the crowd cheer and *ching* their champagne glasses!

42) Newlyweds greeting their guests

43) The Best man making his toast to the newlyweds

44) MOH making toast to the newylweds

45) Father and daughter dance

46) First dance with Bride and Groom

47) Detailed shots of reception, wedding cake, gift table, buffet table and all of the decorations you put together so beautifully

48) Cutting the wedding cake, toasts.

49) Guests dancing

50) Newlyweds leaving the party, holding hands and driving away

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