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Mr + Mrs Kaiser I 07.28.23

Mr + Mrs Kaiser | 07.28.23 | 🌳

There are so pretty sweet sentiments from this wedding that captivated me.

Cale + Dayna’s commitment to one another under God, was the forefront.

The details were simple. A little white church in Avoca. Dayna’s dress was elegant & timeless; and her bouquet of flowers smelled of absolute delight.

Black and white colors. Because as we all know, black & white never goes out of style.

A sister for a maid of honor.

A brother for a best man.

Lifelong friendships & family to dance and celebrate the night with. A little lady gaga “you and i” as they exited the ceremony. (what goes together better than Jesus and gaga?)

A feast of burgers, fries + yes, that is correct - milkshakes by @attitudeonfood

And - hey, who needs cake when you can have cupcakes and a cereal bar?

Oh, and let’s not forget about those spicy margaritas the awesome staff at @gardenroom.omaha whipped up during cocktail hour and throughout the night.

But it wasn’t just the details that got me.

It was the way they cherished one another all day. Cale, as many defined, a trailblazer; looked after his darling bride with care & pride. Dayna, always compassionate, silly & supporting; smiled looking after her groom. Together, they grounded one another.

Cheers to a lifetime of happiness & spicy margaritas my friends.


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