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2% illuminated.

sometimes the biggest transitions can be the ugliest process. the highs and lows will ebb and flow. we feel pruned and stagnant just the same. and yet, remain in the midst of hope and fright, knowing everything can change in an instant. birth. death. rebirth. the irony and synchronization of life is not an accident. change is the only constant we have to hold onto.

the only.

we have to say no to find a yes. we have to get lost, to find. we have to let all of our feelings be just as they are, to find our breath within.

we ask the spirit to help us understand and navigate this new territory and yet there's no answer. we seek solace to discover our truths, through fields, meadows and empty clouds. we feel different and yet just the same. our shoulders ache from the weight we bare.

where is grace.

this is your ugly season. the water is high yet dry. we hurt as quick as we heal. the weather will shift in due time. learning and working are two different things.

ships don't sink because of the water around them.

ships sink because the water gets in them.

let go of the guilt and anchor for the thoughts that continue to fill your mind. it's all valid.

don't let what's going on inside you lower your frequency.

keep chiseling away. listen to the gentle hum. expand. follow.

if you need to rest, rest. if you need to cry, cry. if you need to move, move, if you don't know what you need, that's okay too.

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