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Alyssa Wallace Wedding Photographer
First things first,
Congratulations on your engagement!

Let me be the first to advise you, never stop romanticizing everything about this journey that you are on. After eloping this year myself, I totally get it! I think wedding planning alone is a full time job!

So whether you're the bride or groom reading this message, this is my love note to you.

Love on one another a little deeper. Savor every moment as its happening. Be present through every experience. And don't be afraid to be little extra if your heart wants that too.

If there's one time you can do exactly what you're heart wants, this is that season.

It's my deepest wish to you, that you'll to be able to relive every single moment of your day from years to come. I want you to see the way you're Mother or Father looked at you with adoration. I want you to see exactly what I saw, as your soon to be husband/wife, watched you as you made your way down the aisle.

I hope at the end of the day, you feel like I'm your friend. Your sidekick looking out for you. To fix your train, organize your crazy crew and make sure not a detail goes missed.

I can't wait to share all of these memories with you.


Alyssa Wallace

the gram.

Want to chat about your wedding plans
+ discuss a proposal?
would you like a sample timeline?
how would you prefer meeting?

Yay! Can't wait to chat about your wedding plans!

Missouri Wedding Photographer

cheers to forever.





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