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A New Season.

You're not missing out on life when you're busy working towards your goals + dreams.

While the Winter Storm faired to be mediocre in the least, I've been tirelessly working to complete my restructure. And at last, it feels like it's complete!

Without exploiting details, I have an exciting + truthfully, unnerving week to come. Which means, I feel a weight of this incessant need to complete my restructure and all the things. I'm here to write and share, that at last is complete.

With this new chapter, I’m eager for my work to reflect the slow down I feel within. I am ready for new challenges that allow me to get out of my comfort and to ultimately build deeper connections with my clients. Which means, investing more time with each of you is important to me.

So what can you expect with HJCO in 2022?

To start, I’ve revised my website + packages which in turn will allow you more flexibility. For my past clients, you'll recall the majority of my packages being listed with a set cost, XX images, XX time, and XX outfits.

You can now find my packages listed under "Investment" in the simplest format.

▸ A Macro Package that will be offered year round. This package includes 10 digital images. Typically considered a "mini session." You can expect this session to last 20 minutes and allows just enough time for one outfit. This session is short, sweet and moves quickly. But also ensures the delivery of some pretty shots. In studio option available.

This package is set and can not be added onto unless I am running a specific package deal.

▸ A HCJO Base Package includes 15 digital images. You can expect this session to last up to 30-45 minutes and plan for one-two outfits for a max group of five. In studio or in home option available.

Not enough time? Not enough photos? Have more people in your group??

That's where we adjust the package to fit to you. There's no hidden fees here, just a few options to make sure you feel confident your session is exactly as you vision it to be.

The following options are considered "Add Ons" to your session."

▸ Add on to your base package to receive more images in your digital gallery. It's simple!

$25 for addition of 5 images; $50 for 10; $75 for 15; $100 for 20. etc.

▸ Need more time? Add on $50 for 30 additional minutes. Sometimes we run over or you know you want more outfits and need more time for it! I'm happy to adjust this time to make sure we get every single shot in that we want.

▸ Have more than the group size of 5? It's just $25/person. My larger extended family packages reflected that cost, I'm just breaking it down this year.

▸ Stylist. Deciding what to wear is tough! Prior to our session, we will set up zoom call to get to know one another and talk about our visions, locations and the style for the session. While the fee is $50, this amount is applied towards purchasing new or renting items for my Client Closet selectively for your use.

▸ The Ultimate Glam Up! Oh YES. Whatever the session, boudoir, family, fashion, whatever- you have an option to add some glam! Prior to your session, we'll meet at my studio with a hair and makeup stylist. We'll take some time to relax and unwind, so you feel confident and prepared for your session. Let's avoid rushing and just make this be the experience you absolutely wanted. Yes Mamas, I know you want those once-in-a-lifetime shots, so remember how important it is you love up on yourself as well.

While it might seem a little complicated, its' truthfully not much different than in years past. It just allows you the freedom to decide.

Alright, you get it. But you can't decide how many images you want before hand. I'll also be offering the following:

In-person Viewing.

Either following our session immediately or within the next week, we will set an additional date to view photos in person at my studio. There, you will review the proofs from our session and select which images you would like edited for your package. You will be provided a few "Sneak Peeks" along with a soft edit, so you have an idea of what to expect your gallery will look like. This option must be booked prior to session so a date is reserved.

Zoom option available for long-distance clients.

Background On Images:

📍 While this photo may not have been taken during freezing temperatures, it was ch-cha-chaaaillly to say the least.

Luckily this cute crew is as laidback as can be + rolls with the punches. After a freezing rain and hiding indoors (and sipping a beer :))…. we eventually braved the cold + made our way outdoors in groups. (Another family was with us too!)

A little (okay heavy) wind just makes for more movement right?!! Oy.

Everything about this giggle was authentic. Dad running back and forth to give tickles. Mama holding her in tight to keep her warm.

Mama had a couple visions saved for the shoot, so we head out across their road to capture some darling ones of them in a chair by the haybales. A true farm family! Sweet Kinley was such a trooper but we wrapped her & the rest of the kids up in blankets any way between shots.

I’ve had the greatest joy being able to capture her since she was a newborn + watch her grow. Plus, traveling to their farm out by Beaver Crossing brings up nostalgia for myself — as our family farm was located not too far nearby back in the day.


To our most fabulous year yet!

Alyssa Herold

Hallie Jean Co. Photography

Cedar + Sage Studio

Eagle, NE


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Cedar + Sage Studio

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