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Nebraska and Midwest Boudoir Photography

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It's about empowering you.

As I began creating and visioning my studio, I placed high importance in designing it as a safe space, where my clients feel a desire to express themselves.   As the owner of Cedar and Sage Studio, I can tell you the space speaks for itself with its natural elements and earthy tones.  The ambiance allows us to capture timeless images and encourages you to explore your own artistic expression and creative abilities.  


In my eyes, boudoir is such a beautiful form of art.  I love the way our bodies speak and I want to empower you to feel the same confidence.  Boudoir speaks from a place of passion. It's sensual and intimate, while also being elegant and graceful.  Booking a boudoir experience with me, means that we will fully indulge ourselves through every avenue you request.  Leaving you with an incredibly tangible representation of who you are as an incredibly, extraordinary being.


A Bridal Boudoir shoot is perfect for the Bride to Be.  A chance to celebrate you and how vivacious you are in this chapter and those to come. Request a Day Dream experience and you'll have a Hair and Makeup Artist provided on set and treated with champagne or sparkling water as you relax like it's a day at the spa. 

Day Dream

Adding a Day Dream service creates a luxury pampering experience. Be prepared to come into your session two hours prior and meet a personal stylist who will do your hair and makeup to your preference. Makeup and hair is included in this cost. As you relax and unwind, you'll be provided Champagne, Wine or Sparkling Water.  You are also welcome to bring a special guest along.

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