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adventure session


what's a creative,
adventure session?

The world is full of natural beauty that's only a hike away.  It's when we get "out there" that we are souls are filled with energy, our emotions take over and we find a deeper gratitude for our planet.  

A creative, adventure session is a little edgy, maybe even dangerous at times.  It's finding that scenic overlook at sunrise and exploring that location beyond the trailhead.  No matter the occasion, it can be as adventure-filled as you want. 


It's for those that are seeking creating incredibly unique imagery for their sessions while creating memories and sharing laughter.  Most of my day-after adventure sessions last 3-5 hours, but some can be 2 hours, and sometimes couples book me for an all-day adventure.

Who is the adventure session for?

Can I only book it if I'm eloping?


An adventure session is for anyone craving... adventure!

While you can certainly book an adventure elopement session, this is also for families, anniversaries, couples, styled shoots, portraits and even after wedding shots.

where are we traveling next?



for the wild

an adventure

 ✖ So why should you book an adventure shoot?

▸ Covid prevented you from booking your dream wedding location. 

▸ You got married at the courthouse and want some special photos of you two.
▸ You want to celebrate your anniversary or renew your vows 
▸ You happen to be visiting a beautiful place, the beach, the mountains, somewhere far wiht your family — and want some beautiful photos there. 
▸ You never got the photos from your wedding you dreamed of. (Photographers battery died, something dramatic happened, your uncle started a brawl, photos were out of focus)
▸ You want to build your fashion portfolio with unique content 
▸ You’ve been on a health journey + feel more confident than ever before 


▸ Heading to a waterfall (and getting in!)
▸ Jumping off a cliff in your wedding dress + tux (you my as well if you don't plan to wear it again or pass it on!)
▸ Rock climbing with your partner 
▸ A day of boating or being by the ocean with all the water activities (let's break out the jet skis!)

▸ Riding horse back with your family near a beautiful lake and trail and ending in a picnic

▸ Wine tasting + vineyard with the girls for your bachelorette party
▸ Going to ice caves (I'm only suggesting of course ;) ) 

▸ A styled shoot for your boutique + brand at Joshua tree with a gorgeous group of models
▸ A day hike + your dog in Montana or Yosemite 
▸ Kissing your babe under the Northern Stars
▸ After the wedding! A honeymoon in the Caribbean means capturing all the gorgeous shots your wedding location didn't capture


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